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Polarr is on Discord

Polarr is now on Discord, discover Polarr style creator communities here

This is Polarr Deep Crop

Over the last three years, we've been exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and human-computer interactions. The products we build are a result of that exploration. And Deep Crop is the latest product from Polarr.

Here's why the brush tool is better than ever

Hit up the iOS App Store and you'll find version 5.1.x of Polarr Photo Editor now available. This update actually has some cool new features and we'd love to share them with you. One of the coolest changes in this update is the new edge-aware feature in the brush tool. Read on to learn more about it and see what else is new in the latest version of Polarr.

Try out new and upcoming apps from Polarr

Shhh, keep it secret but we're working a huge update for Polarr Album+ and a brand new app from Polarr. And you can help beta test!

Why Polarr has a subscription

Dear Polarr user,

This is Borui, founder of Polarr. We know that everyone hates subscription. As app developers, we do too when we consume other developers’ apps. On behalf of all software developers, I first want to say thank you If you're already paying for a service that has a freemium model of a subscription, and you're the top 1% of all users.

Polarr 5 is here with a new overlay tool and more

At Polarr, we've always been interested in providing pro-level tools that are accessible and easy to use regardless of which platform you're using. It's with that mindset that we developed and built v5 of Polarr Photo Editor.

Why some old filters might not work anymore

We want to apologize to anyone who has experienced issues with filters when trying to import or scan them over the last few weeks. Earlier this month, we upgraded the backend of our filter system to make it futureproof and prepare for some upcoming new features! Unfortunately, we had a few issues came up that has resulted in some of ours users losing access to old filters. In the name of transparency, here's what happened.

Polarr is going subscription

tl;dr Polarr Photo Editor is moving to a subscription model for new users in early 2018. The existing free features will continue to be free, and current paid users don't need to worry about anything. Read the rest of the post for more details!

Why we're switching Polarr to subscription

New Polarr update for Mac ready that nukes those crashes

Last month we released version 4.2.0 of Polarr Photo Editor and Polarr Photo Editor Lite for Mac. Unfortunately, for a small set of users not yet on High Sierra that release contained a bug. This bug would cause Polarr to crash upon either opening or importing a photo. Not really a good thing! It was a hard bug to find and replicate and fix, but we did it.

The best grain on mobile now available in Polarr

Overhauled Grain tool in Polarr

Introducing Express Mode for Polarr Photo Editor

We have a new update available for Polarr Photo Editor users on iOS. Head to the App Store and you'll find version Polarr 4.1 is now ready to download and has as a few features we want to highlight. We're excited to introduce Express UI mode, which is our way of giving you the ability to simplify how you edit photos with Polarr. Let's just jump into all the new features. Here we go!

Windows 10, Mac, Chrome and online users now have Polarr 4

Polarr Photo Editor 4 is now available for Windows 10, Mac, Chrome and online. This is the latest version of Polarr that we released just last week on Android and iOS. We're always working hard to make Polarr one of the best photo editing apps around and we're excited to bring feature parity to all of our "desktop" platforms in this latest release. Let's check out [what's new ](/wiki/what's new)in the app and what's been revamped.

Polarr 4 introduces new Face tools including Spot removal and Liquify

Today we're releasing Polarr Photo Editor 4.0. This is a big update that introduces a handful of powerful new additions. We've revamped the Face tool and Color mask to make them better than ever. Joining the app is a useful new Spot removal tool and Liquify tool. Plus so much more! Let's talk about all the changes in this update. Android and iOS users will find the update in their respective app stores, while Mac and Windows users will see in in the next week or two.

Looking back at new features inside Polarr

Welcome! You're reading the very first post on the new Polarr blog. This is wiki will be where we publish and share blog posts related to product announcements, design changes, tutorials and so much more. You'll find a more traditional wiki section where we plan to add a whole lot of content focused on photo editing. This is our home to connect with you on your photography journey.